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SEMI COMP+ : Seminar around Europe for the best use of EN 1993-1-1 - Tuesday 15 November 2011


“Design guidance on cross section and member design according to Eurocode 3 with particular focus on semicompact sections”.

The design of a steel structure is a two-step procedure in which the global structural analysis is followed by verifications of cross-sectional resistance and member stability under bending and axial force. During the seminar, the following related topics will be addressed, with close reference to Eurocode 3 Part 1-1: how to extract member from a global structure further to the frame analysis and how to define the consistent set of data required to apply the EC3 beam-column formulae checks accordingly;

A special focus will be given to so-called semi-compact cross-sections. Eurocode 3 accounts only for the elastic resistance of those sections while recent research has shown that this is a rather conservative approach. During the seminar, new rules for the design of such sections will be proposed.

The practical use of the proposed design rules will be illustrated in the form of flow-charts and design examples. For daily application, the design software “SEMI-COMP DESIGN” has been developed; it will be presented and distributed during the seminar. This software is freeware. The website “Semi-Comp+” provides all necessary information about the seminar and on the project.

Location: De Montil, Moortelstraat 8 - 1790 Affligem-Essene
Tuesday 15 November 2011 : 12h30 – 17h30


semi Comp+
Research Fund for Coal and Steel – Valorisation Project SEMI-COMP+ RFS2-CT-2010-00023