ArcelorMittal launches Granite® Storm, the roof that lasts a lifetime

ArcelorMittal launches Granite® Storm, the roof that lasts a lifetime

(10 March 2014) ArcelorMittal has launched Granite® Storm, a new pre-painted steel for roofing applications that offers extended durability, a matt finish and exceptional formability, all in one product. Granite® Storm is for roofs where aesthetics and durability are key and is an ideal alternative to the traditional tiled roof, offering the highest levels of robustness.

With Granite® Storm, roofs can be built to last for more than a generation. This unparalleled performance is made possible by the combination of a thick and flexible organic coating combined with an optimised metallic steel substrate.

UV and corrosion resistance

Granite® Storm’s high performing paint system provides an exceptional level of UV resistance (RUV4 category) and gives the roof the colour stability it needs to last. Granite® Storm has been thoroughly tested in laboratories and external marine environments before being brought to market. The successful performance of this product in harsh environments allows ArcelorMittal to offer a guarantee of up to 30 years against perforation of the metallic substrate, on Z275 g/m2 substrate or equivalent.


ArcelorMittal’s Granite® Storm range of coated steels is available in a choice of textured colours. The wide colour palette matches the aesthetics of traditional roofs and fits in with urban or rural environments.


Formability is a key requirement for roofing tiles. Granite® Storm, with its highly flexible coating, allows forming to create new designs and traditional looks. The paint system remains robust even after forming. Non-peeling of the paint film is guaranteed.

Designed for environmentally responsible building

Granite® Storm is free of heavy metals and chromate and is part of the ArcelorMittal Nature range, along with all of our Granite® products. It benefits from the recyclability of steel, in addition to being a paint which respects the environment. Granite® Storm is also free of any ‘Substances of very high concern’*.

For more information on Granite® Storm, please contact your nearest ArcelorMittal office at or email .

* Substances of very high concern included in the annex XIV of REACH regulation.

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