Foto: Gilles Martin
Steel Construction Contest 2020 Bridges - Laureate

Extension of Pulvermühle viaduct

Finding the right formula to go from 2 to 4 tracks

In June 2019, the Pulvermühle viaduct, which spans the Alzette valley in Luxembourg City, was completed after ten years of work. The complexity of the project lay in the divergent nature of the three facets involved: the hybrid concrete-and-steel structure of the viaduct itself, a section on a stone embankment to stabilise the existing slope, and a tunnel under the highway to connect all this to the station.

  • Rue de Prague - Luxembourg (LU)
  • CFL - Société nationale des chemins de fer luxembourgeois - Luxembourg
  • Prof. Arch. GALFETTI Aurelio / TR-Engineering, Luxembourg
    Architect / Designer
  • TR-Engineering, Luxembourg / Bureau Greisch, Liège
    Structural engineering
  • Socotec, Livange
    Control agency
  • A.M. BAGECI - CLE - BAM Lux - Aelterman
    General contractor
  • Aelterman, Gent
    Steel contractor
  • TR-Engineering, Bureau Greisch, Aelterman
    Infosteel Members

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