PORTAL+ version 1.23 - Update

PORTAL+ version 1.23 - Update

Predesign of portal frames according to Eurocode 3 (EN)

A new version of the pre-design software PORTAL+ v1.23 (ArcelorMittal) is available on the website\sections.
It contains the following updates:

  • Modification of the texts about the removing of the steel grades S235 and S275 in the AM version;
  • Correction of a bug concerning the stability verification according to method 6.3.4: αcr,op was equal to 0 for a distributed load applied on a length lower than the element length divided by 50;
  • Modification of the minimum distance between two portal frames, now 2 meters as a minimum; 
  • The default steel grade will be S355 ;
  • The default curve for the reduction of the yield strength is now the one from EN 10025-2.
  • The user will have the possibility to add a company logo\sections

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