Logiciel TRUSSES+ version 1.0

Logiciel TRUSSES+ version 1.0

Le nouveau logiciel TRUSSES+ (ArcelorMittal) est dédié au prédimensionnement des structures en treillis de grande portée, en conformité avec l’Eurocode 3 pour le calcul des structures en acier (EN1993-1-1:2005). Le logiciel peut être utilisé comme outil de prédimensionnement automatique, pour la vérification et l’optimisation.

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The software can be used as an automatic pre-design tool.

  • Verification: based on sections imposed by the user, TRUSSES+  checks the design criteria of each member of a truss (upper and lower chords, bracings)
  • Optimization: from basic data supplied by the user (main geometry, lateral restraints and loadings), the software estimates the dimensions of the cross-section of elements of the structure

The field of application of TRUSSES+ is:

  • 2 dimensional truss model, simply supported, with user defined positions of lateral restraints
  • Truss configurations:
    AM trusses plus configurations

  • Geometrical limits:
    • Length = min: 5m, max: 100m
    • Height = min: 0.2m, max: 10m
    • Height/Length ratio = min 1/30, max: 1/10
  • Program sales of ArcelorMittal for I, H, double L, and U-sections
  • Steel grades and standards : EN 10025-2 & 4, EN 1993-1-1, HISTAR S355&S460 
  • Multiple loading cases with definitions of:
    • Distributed loads: Permanent, Imposed, Wind and Snow loads
    • Concentrated loads: Permanent and Imposed loads

The calculations performed are:

  • Automatic load combination of the elementary load cases for Ultimate Limit States (ULS) and Servicability Limit States (SLS)
  • Classification of sections
  • Verification of cross-section resistance
  • Verfication of the member stability: flexural buckling in-plane and out-of plane
  • Verification of deflection limits and estimation of natural frequencies (SLS)

...     According to Eurocodes

The results are provided as:

  • vizualisation on the software interface
  • 3 levels of details of Preliminary Design Notes, with:
    • Data of the truss and calculation parameters
    • Analysis results (reaction at supports, node displacements, internal forces)
    • Verification results (ULS and SLS)

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