Joris Ide NV/SA · Hille 174 · 8750 Zwevezele · België/Belgique T. +32 (0)51 61 07 77 · · Europese producent van dak- en gevelsystemen Producteur Européen de toiture et de bardage Structural basics covers the design and analysis of steel structures for buildings according to EN 1990 (Eurocode 0), EN 1991 (Eurocode 1) and EN 1993 (Eurocode 3). In the book special attention was paid to the illustrations. In addition, each chapter contains a number of fully detailed (calculation) examples. This makes Structural basics e ective as a textbook for students and as a reference guide to the Eurocodes 0, 1 and 3 for practising structural engineers. Hard cover, 272 pages, 23 x 25 cm, English Staal-beton verbindingen Structural basics H.H. Snijder H.M.G.M. Steenbergen Analysis and design of steel structures for buildings according to Eurocode 0, 1 and 3