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Business consultancy and ERP solutions

Company profile

Liemar has offered business and ERP solutions for project-based companies in steel and metal construction since its foundation in 1985. Our mission is to optimise your company and processes as a partner and create more insight together. This leads to more peace and efficiency, both for the entrepreneur and the employees. With our programme 'New Efficiency Thinking' (Het Nieuwe Rendementdenken), we train and support our customers to plan and coordinate their projects more efficiently. By using our industry-specific ERP software, users get a better grip on their projects. And on their business! The results make sense: lower costs and shorter lead times. More quality and higher returns.

Continuous improvement and innovation
The success of our software depends on our relationship with the industry: the best ideas naturally come from users in daily practice. That is why we always continue to research and ask questions. We understand the needs of the market and continue to offer the best solution.


Together with our customers, we are constantly improving and extending our solutions. We do this because we want to help our customers achieve greater returns time and again. We believe it is important to keep innovating and to anticipate tomorrow's growth and ambitions.
Data and business intelligence play an increasingly important role in business operations. This also applies to steel and metal construction. Combined with process improvement and simplification (e.g. using lean working), our customers can make great strides in optimisation and increasing their returns. Unlocking data, for example using apps and dashboards, is therefore an important part of our vision.

Our solutions
Liemar is the market leader in business management and ERP software for the steel and metal construction industry in the Benelux. Our modular software LiemarX was developed based on our vision of project-oriented working in steel and metal construction. Our way of working gives you more control over your entire business process. By using our ERP software LiemarX, you will achieve more efficiency. Think of money, time and efficiency, but also quality, flexibility and scalability. You choose the modules you need and leave out what you do not use. This way, your system remains user-friendly and well-organised. Is your company growing? Then Liemar's software simply grows with you. Additional modules can easily be implemented without the hassle.

Support from start to finish
Our employees have an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how, which we are happy to put at your disposal. Whether you are a customer or not (yet). We really want to help you. That is in our genes and has only grown through our (practical) experience in steel and metal construction. Our starting point is good partnership. With our products, you can easily manage the entire business process. From the request for quotation to financial planning, from quality management to shop floor control: with Liemar products, you coordinate the entire business process from start to finish. This means meeting deadlines, getting a grip on your budget and more peace of mind in your business!

Our team
At Liemar, we employ passionate and qualified experts in accountancy, project management, ICT and steel construction. With a close-knit team of 10 employees, we work hard every day to improve our products and help you whenever you have a question. As a Liemar customer, you can always count on us.
More information, contact and newsletter
Would you like to know more about our vision, our solutions and the possibilities for your organisation? Then visit our website or contact us on +31 (0) 40 24 84 041. Would you like to stay informed about developments and be invited to our knowledge sessions? Then follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.


Jan van Hapert, CEO


Niels Oudenaarden, Sales Manager

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