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Among stakeholders of today and tomorrow, we want to make hot dip galvanization widely recognized as the most effective and sustainable form of corrosion prevention for steel.


Hot dip galvanizing is a unique process and has been the "world champion in corrosion prevention" for more than 150 years. No other method even comes close to this most complete protection of steel.

Furthermore, it is also the smartest and most responsible choice. In the fight against global warming, circular construction has a major role to play. Making better use and reusing scarce raw materials is the common thread here. Thanks to hot dip galvanizing, we are aiming for 100% circular steel. The best protection and the most responsible choice.


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  • Hans Boender – Technology, testing and training/li>
  • Evi Renard – Office Management, marketing & communication
  • Breda Business Centre - Smederijstraat 2 - NL - 4400 DB - Breda (Nederland)
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