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Foto: Luca Beel

New fire station in Leopoldsburg

The new fire station in Leopoldsburg is beautifully situated in the town centre overlooking an attractive open lawn dotted with trees, including a protected ancient lime and oak . Its solid base structure is clad in curved, copper-coloured steel plates that blend in perfectly with the brick buildings that dominate the surrounding area. Given the nature of the building, it was essential that the design allowed for impeccable organisation and a swift exit every time. Covering the facade with steel was not only an aesthetic choice but also a sustainable and economical one, and the pre-painted steel sinusoidal profiles came with a three-layer polymer coating of primer, colour coat and varnish. Inside the station, a ceiling in white profiled sheet steel has been installed in the fire engine depot. In the entrance hall stands a main staircase made of welded steel stringers that function as a parapet and support the folded steel steps, all painted a striking zinc yellow.
  • Hechtelsesteenweg 10, Leopoldsburg
  • Hulpverleningszone Noord-Limburg, Leopoldsburg
  • BEL architecten, Antwerpen
    Architect / Designer
  • DS engineering, Antwerpen
    Structural engineering
  • Cordeel zetel Hoeselt, Hoeselt
    General contractor
  • JECO, Bree
    Steel contractor
  • JECO, Bree (facades)
    Other steel applications
  • ArcelorMittal, Cordeel, Tata Steel
    Infosteel Members