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Foto: Alain Janssens (Double Page)

Museum rises again under protective dome

The TrinkHall Museum, which was created by the renovation and extension of an existing modernist pavilion dating from 1963, stands in the Parc d’Avroy in Liège. The area of the museum has now been doubled to 1,800 m2 and both the existing space and the functional extensions placed under a protective dome. Economical use of materials, compactness and energy efficiency were important considerations and gave rise to the realisation of an extremely lightweight skin in 50 mm multi-walled polycarbonate sheets. Thanks to the use of S235 steel with a span of 21 m, the building envelope has a very lightweight structure. The supporting structure has been coated in fire-resistant paint to guarantee a fire resistance of 60 minutes and the corresponding figure for the roof structure is 30 minutes. Steel was also used to finish the roof and floor edges, all internal parapets, the museum furnishings and the library.
  • Parc d'Avroy 1, Liège
  • Ville de Liège / département des travaux, Liège
  • Atelier d'architecture Aloys Beguin - Brigitte Massart, Liège
    Architect / Designer
  • Bureau Greisch, Liège
    Structural engineering
  • Ets WUST, Thimister Clermont
    General contractor
  • ACMP, Thimister Clermont
    Steel contractor
  • Rodeca Systems Belux / ACMP (galandages et sous structure facade), Muizen (Mechelen)
    Other steel applications
  • Greisch
    Infosteel Members