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Foto: Guy Jallay
Steel Construction Contest 2019 - Laureate

Luxembourg Learning Center - Maison du livre

If it weren’t for the blast furnaces and a few other historical relics from ArcelorMittal, you wouldn’t know that Belval was ever an industrial site. In the heart of the ‘Cité des Sciences’, the architectural firm Valentiny hvp has transformed an old 110 metre long ‘Möllerhalle’ into a contemporary university library, which opened its doors at the start of academic year 2018-2019. The original steel supporting structure of the building was preserved, treated and reinforced so that the complex could be given a new facade and composite roof. The unique synergy between old and new gave rise to a masterpiece that earned the project both the jury and audience prizes in the Steel Construction Competition 2019.

  • 7 Ënnert den Héichiewen, Esch-sur-Alzette / Esch-Belval
  • Le Fonds Belval
  • Valentiny hvp architects
    Architect / Designer
  • B+G Ingenieure
    Structural engineering
  • Socotec / AIB Vinçotte
    Control agency
  • A.M. CDCL (mandataire) / Mabilux / Spannverbund / Socom / Soclima
    General contractor
  • Mabilux / Spannverbund
    Steel contractor
  • Kehlen / Heerlen (NL)
    Other steel applications
  • AIB Vinçotte, Mabilux
    Infosteel Members