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Hollow sections in structural applications

Hollow sections in structural applicationsThe second edition of 'Hollow sections in structural applications' has incorporated the recently revised design recommendations for hollow section joints of the International Institute of Welding (IIW, 2009) and CIDECT (2008 and 2009). Both are consistent with each other and are the basis for the Draft ISO standard for hollow section joints (ISO 14346) and may be the basis for future revisions of the Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-8), AISC (ANSI/AISC 360) and CISC recommendations.

'Hollow sections in structural applications' is written particularly for teachers and students in structural and civil engineering, explaining the important principles for the behaviour of tubular steel structures. Since the design of steel structures is covered in basic lectures, this book only considers the special items related to the use of hollow sections, in particular joints. Most attention is paid to the basic understanding, for example failure modes and analytical models.

In addition to being invaluable for a specialist course on 'Tubular Steel Structures', parts of the book would be excellent for more introductory-level courses on steel behaviour and design. The material included is an international consensus of knowledge on the topic: as such it is an ideal reference book too for all structural design engineers involved in tubular structures.

  • Auteurs: J. Wardenier, J.A. Packer, X.-L. Zhao and G.J. van der Vegte
  • Uitgever: CIDECT / Bouwen met Staal - 2010.
  • Taal: EN
  • Pagina’s: 232

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