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Featuring steel - resources, architecture, reflections

Featuring steel - resources, architecture, reflections

Inspiration and techniques of steel in construction

This book edited by DETAIL with the support of ArcelorMittal contains all necessary information about steel: from architecture, explications of the physical basics and design rules over actual topics like sustainability, life cycle costs and refurbishment to finally steel products and processes. Furthermore, it presents 25 outstanding construction projects using steel including detailed drawings.

This book about steel in architecture is the result of a cooperation of the renowned German Publisher Detail (architectural reviews and architecture manuals) and the Innovation and Construction Development Team (ICD) of ArcelorMittal.

On 224 pages, “featuring steel” shows the various facets of a fascinating material which, today as in the past, is regarded as indispensable for particularly delicate, wide spanning or geometrically complex constructions. As a standard work it endeavours to take account of this very fact.

Internationally well-known authors convey their expertise and detailed knowledge in seven comprehensive chapters, starting with an essay that introduces readers to the theme, continuing with observations about economics and sustainability – aspects seen today as essential, an exhaustive explanation of steel’s fundamental properties and how it is used in construction, design parameters for new and existing fabric, as well as description of production processes and innovative steel products.

'Featuring steel' communicates to all planners, designers and decision-makers involved in the construction process the competence, arguments and facts that explain why opting for steel can mean real economic advantages –and why, with regards to this material, sustainability and innovation can be taken for granted.

With contributions from: Andrea Bruno, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure, Markus Feldmann, Federico Mazzolani, Gerard O’Sullivan, Francis Rambert, Alexander Reichel, Llwellyn van Wyk

The reader will find additional information in the annex and on an enclosed DVD, containing ArcelorMittal brochures as well as a video about the Steel making processes.

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224 pages
Hardcover, 23 x 29,7 cm
ISBN 978-3-920034-32-4