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Structures for buildings in seismic areas

Steel design trainings - Seismic, december 2018, Brussels

Steel design trainings, Winter 2018-2019

Structures for buildings in seismic areas (Eurocode 8), 6-7/12/2018


Training on Design of Steel Structures for Buildings in Seismic Areas . (Eurocode 8: Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance Part: 1 General Rules, Seismic Action and Rule for Buildings).

Topics covered :

  • Introduction : Content, objectives; Logic of the book and of the lectures; Structures at risk, examples of cracking
  • Principle and fundamentals of Seismic Design: Philosophy and contents of EN 1998. Structures located in moderate to high seismic areas. Structures located in low seismic areas
  • Conceptual design of seismic resistant structures (i.e. Structural Systems, Ductility Classes, Choice of Material, Ductile Components, Design Overstrength, Fuses and Replaceable Elements)
  • Seismic design of MRFs, X-CBF and V-CBFs. Discussion of differences between DCH/DCM/DCL
  • Seismic design of EBFs, Dual Frames (with re-centering) and Portal frames. Discussion of differences between DCH/DCM/DCL
  • Design Case Studies - 1 :( 1) Multistory Building, (2) Single Story Industrial Hall
  • Design Case Studies –2: Lightweight Steel Structures (3)Residential and (4) Social Buildings

Practical information


ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork)

Place and dates

6/12/2018 and 7/12/2018 (2 full days)
ECCS – Avenue des Ombrages, 32B – 1200 Brussels
(subject to change depending on the number of participants)


1250€ excl. Vat, (ECCS-organisation / Infosteel membership-discounts do not apply)

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