Astron Buildings

Bedrijfsnaam   Astron Buildings S.A.
Type organisatie   Constructeur Métallique
Adres   Route D'Ettelbruck 34 - L-9230 Diekirch
Telefoon   +352-80 291-1
Fax   +352-80 34 66

From logistics and production buildings to multi-storey car parks, Astron provides a reliable approach for fast turnkey constructions all over Europe, Africa and beyond. With more than 56 years in business we have created industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, storehouses, commercial buildings, sports centers, offices, multi-storey car parks, garages and aircraft hangars.

Astron is the leading European supplier of steel building solutions, designing and producing all the main components of a prefab metal building - the primary and secondary structures, the roof and wall systems, accessories and thermal insulation systems.

Certificaat   Bureau Veritas certification  ISO 9001 : 2008
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